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The RelaunchApp-Team

Team RelaunchApp

Download Picture "RealaunchApp Team" (300 dpi)

Papoomedia's RelaunchApp-Team currently employs 9 members whose sole purpose it is to program and enhance the Relaunch-App. Since 2016, the young team around managing director Dr Carsten Euwens, has been developing, testing and optimizing the tool to relaunch websites without any loss – the RelaunchApp. The team consists of Raphael Bergmann, Christoph Grenz, Felix Kopinski (Marketing), Rene Schugsties (Marketing), Dr. Carsten Euwens (CEO), Marco Hellenthal, Christoph Zimmer, Christian Klihm and Martin Güthler.

CEO Dr. Carsten Euwens

Carsten EuwensDr Carsten Euwens, born on 18 February 1972 in Goch on the Lower Rhine, founded Papoo Software & Media 2003 and as a GmbH in Bonn since 2017. The company develops and oversees AdWords and Online-Marketing campaigns, software for the web, implements web designs, produces content for websites and engages in search engine and conversion optimisation. The main focus, however, is placed on economic success and perfect service for the client. For 13 years Papoo Software & Media GmbH has been specialising in successfully overseeing Adwords campaigns, as well as implementing successful, search engine optimised and barrier-free online presences with our award-winning CMS Papoo (3 BIENE awards for website accessibility from the charity Aktion Mensch). Most recently Papoomedia and it's 14 employees were awarded the German Prize for Online Communication for the launch of the "Baustellenfinder" (a web application that informs you about construction sites affecting traffic with detailed updates on a daily basis).

Download Picture "Dr. Carsten Euwens" (300 dpi)

Pictures and Downloads

You find Screenshots from the RelaunchApp here.


  • The Logo of the RelaunchApp (300 dpi) as a JPEG you can download here.
  • The Logo of the RelaunchApp (300 dpi) as a PNG you can download here.
  • The Logo of the RelaunchApp (300 dpi) as a TIF you can download here.
  • The Logo of the RelaunchApp (300 dpi) as a PSD you can download here.


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