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Full control over your Relaunch with the RelaunchApp

 During every Relaunch, with every adjustment of pages and files, your site's URLs change. These, to some extent, massive changes – be it pages going missing, contents changing or new content being added – highly influence your Google Ranking and the frequency of visits from other sites.

We created the RelaunchApp to get on top of this problem. The Relaunchapp provides you with full control over every content change, finds all lost pages and files and – through KI operated character recognition and matching algorithms – even automatically proposes 301 Redirects.

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Up to 3 million subpages per Domain can be crawled and recognized easily with the RelaunchApp.

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Overview of the comparison results

In the RelaunchApp you will find an overview over all links, files and images, directly comparing both sites. In this way you will be able to stay on top of things and immediately find problems with the new site, like lost pages and images.

In addition, you will, of course, receive an overview on the similarity of pages with 301 redirect proposals.

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Automatic language-independent text recognition for redirects

The automatic text recognition is based on a well-developed Deep Learning algorithm. It reliably recognizes even minimal similarities in the text of any website in any language – no matter if it is German, English, Russian, Arabic or any other language really – and provides you with these advantages when creating .htacces/redirect scripts:

  • No more tedious manual comparison of URLs and Excel spreadsheets
  • Recognizes even heavily processed texts
  • Automatic matching of old to new
  • Detects lost URLs
  • Finds changed content within the same URL

Even when the texts have been drastically altered, but the meaning stays the same, our Deep Learning algorithms can match these texts.

This is how you effectively fight the relaunch monster.

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Automatic image recognition and matching

Furthermore, the Relaunchapp algorithm is capable of reading all image formats and comparing these files to each other. When the files are compatible in content, automatic redirects are created. Naturally, all lost and changed images will also be found and listed.

This works with, for example:

  • image sections
  • changes in brightness, hue or contrast
  • changes in file names
  • changes in file formats – ie. Example.jpg to example.png
  • and many more

Various document types are being compared automatically 

Comparisons are also being run for all common types of documents, be it PDF, Word or OpenOffice documents, text and CSV files or other default formats.

The RelaunchApp algorithm even recognizes similarities within these documents. Therefore, a content-related change in a PDF file, for example, which is uploaded under a different name, ie with a new date, will automatically be detected and redirected.

Or how about when, during a relaunch, all existing files are saved under a new name because of a system change. Normally all links would be lost – with the RelaunchApp, however, you can have all the files detected and 301 redirects created automatically.


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301 Redirect Script

Automatically created .htaccess files and scripts

The RelaunchApp provides you with a finished .htaccess file with every redirect. Alternatively, there will be finished expansions for different CMS and shop systems, which realize these redirects on script level. 

Of course, you will have full control over which redirects are supposed to be in the file at all times: nothing happens until you explicitly want to release it. 


API and permanent expansion 

You will also have access to the RelaunchApp API; with it you will always be able to use the most current list of 301 redirects on your site.

The plugins and expansions for several CMS and shop systems, we provide for free under GPL license also rely on this API. The list will be continually extended by us over time.

Have you created your own expansions? We would be happy if you could make these available to us – we will of course return the favour. ;-)

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