What is the RelaunchApp?

The RelaunchApp helps you maintain your important Google Rankings after a relaunch. How does this work? Let us explain:

How does the RelaunchApp help maintain the Rankings?

Overview Relaunch Dashboard

1. Automatic 301 redirect recommendations

The RelaunchApp detects content-related HTML pages, images and documents on the old and the new site automatically. Furthermore 301 redirects for your website will be created. Not only does this comparison work on the URL or title of a page, but their entire content is being matched with the help of an AI.

Never before has a tool been able to realize this kind of automated, content-based matching. The RelaunchApp is the first ever available tool on the market to be able to achieve this.

2. Detect all possible lost urls and rankings

On top of that, the RelaunchApp detects any page that gets lost, which doesn't have a matching counterpart on the new site. Naturally, this listing can be sorted by various KPIs.

3. Detect changed content

In addition, the RelaunchApp is able to find changed content. So, in case you previously talked about headlights on, but now only mainly content about lightbulbs for headlights can be found (meaning a real, but slow gradual change of theme), it will be displayed.

The results of one such crawl can be viewed on the following screenshot.

Overview Redirects


When you are planning the relaunch of your website or shop, use the RelaunchApp. One month is only 39€, for websites with less than 20,000 subdomains. Of course you can cancel your subscription after 1 month, if you are done with your work.

Feel free to test the RelaunchApp with the Free Tariff. Here you can choose your rate.

You can check up to 301 redirects for free - try it - zero Risk!